“After playing original music for years in Chicago, I have worked with many promoters that have come and gone. Vicarious Venues is here to stay because they genuinely care about the artists they work with. Every interaction has gone smoothly and professionally. Taylor and Michelle always keep us in the loop and informed, and look out for their band’s best interests not just their own. Not only are they looking to revive the live music scene in Chicago, they are helping revive the live original music scene which speaks volumes about what they’re about.”
-Robert Biskoski, Bury Me in Lights

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Taylor and everyone at Vicarious Venues on some of our biggest events. Through them, we were able to improve how we promote, draw, and ultimately get compensated for our concerts. Our sold-out album release party at Subterranean this summer was a large success for both our band and our fans. The bills they have put together for our shows complement our style of music, which has helped grow our fan base.”
-Chicago Loud 9 (cLOUD9 Collective)

“We’d like to thank vicarious venues for supporting draft week throughout the last year and for helping improve the Chicago music scene. Taylor has been a joy to work with and the company appears to be growing at an exciting rate. We look forward to seeing Vicarious Venues’ success in the future.”
-Draft Week

“For Good Safari, working with Vicarious Venues has been essential to getting out of the garage. Vic Venues allowed us to break into the Chicago music scene, and gave us access to many of Chicago’s best venues. Not only this, but they remember our sound and fit us with bands that match our sound and draw. Networking gold.”
-Good Safari

“Halfmoon Mad has had the pleasure of working with Vicarious Venues on multiple occasions and we were thrilled with their professionalism and determination in doing everything they could to help make our performances successful. Not only have they booked us some of our best and most exciting shows, the entire staff at Vicarious puts the bands and the music first and always had our backs! You want to play successful, profitable shows in Chicago? Vicarious Venues is the ONLY way to go!”
-Halfmoon Mad

“I’ve worked with a lot of venues, promoters and middle men, and I can honestly say that Vicarious Venues is one of the most genuine and honest group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They truly care about their shows and their clients and they go the extra mile to ensure that they stand by their word. We were working with a venue through Vicarious and when the venue got shut down within 12 hours they had us in another venue that turned out to be even for the better. Vicarious has your back. Thanks guys!”
-Joseph Vourteque, DJ & event producer

“Vicarious Venues is definitely our go to place for booking shows. We love that they’re not just looking out for themselves… they actually want to do good things for bands, like make sure rooms get filled and give bands the opportunity to actually make some money! They’re putting effort into building up the scene rather than just slapping random shows together.”
-Lights Alive

“When it comes to booking shows in Chicago, I trust no one more than Vicarious Venues. Their staff is not only helpful but also professional. Most importantly, they put the artist first.”
-T.J. Sagen (Frontline Management)

“Working with Vicarious Venues has been a great pleasure. They have undoubtedly provided a great service on a professional level and are easy to work with.”